28 mars 2014

NEODIO Origine : Essai dans "The audiobeat" par Roy gregory

Déjà acclamé lors de sa présentation au CES de Las vegas, Roy Gregory a cette fois eu l'occasion de tester de long semaines durant le NEODIO Origine...et on dirait qu'il l'aime bien ;-)

"I love the unimpeded, uninflected honesty and directness, the sheer clarity of the Origine's musical communication. I love its delicacy, its deft way with a musical line, its ability to combine interlocking lines, to respond to sudden, dramatic dynamic shifts. I love its dimensional coherence, although that’s really just the icing on the cake of its preternatural sense of musical structure. Most of all -- I love the way it looks and the insouciant raspberry it blows in the face of market forces."

Test de Roy Gregory

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