27 mai 2015

LINN stoppe la production des préamplificateurs Akurate et Klimax Kontrol

Convaincu de la supériorité de la performance des DSM face au couple DS avec préamplificateurs Kontrol, LINN audio a décidé de mettre fin à la production des LINN Akurate Kontrol et Klimax Kontrol.

Voici le message de LINN à ce sujet, les différents points seront développés en détail lors d'une conférence LINN avec Keith Robertson le directeur technique de LINN audio :

Keith will explain in detail how a number of technical features combine in the Klimax DSM to produce lower noise and less distortion than the Klimax Kontrol, including:
  • Transformer isolation on the analogue inputs and outputs
  • No lossy analogue source switching as all switching is performed in the digital domain
  • A superior volume control implementation
In addition, the DSM has several features that further improve performance and flexibility over any analogue pre-amplifier:

  • Space Optimisation removes the distorting effects of the listening environment and can be applied to any source, whether digital or analogue
  • Integrated DS source for the best in digital streaming performance, without the need for external lossy connections
  • Flexible, upgradeable software architecture, which means customers will benefit from all future firmware updates
  • Exakt Link connections, ready for future system upgrades to Exakt.

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